BOOST5 Masterclass Programme - sharing experiences about ways, methods and approaches to relaunch a tourist destination - BOOST5 Masterclass Programme - sharing experiences about ways, methods and approaches to relaunch a tourist destination - BOOST5


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BOOST5 Masterclass Programme - sharing experiences about ways, methods and approaches to relaunch a tourist destination

Published on 02/02/2023 (last modified 24/02/2023)


Feb 02, 2023 h.

The Masterclass Programme provides 5 lessons (one lesson for each project partner involved in this activity) for different target groups, such as tourism operators and SMEs (hospitality, food service etc.), the civil sector, students (in the tourism field), start-ups, institutional/public stakeholders for cultural heritage.

As a part of the BOOST5 project, a Masterclass Programme will be held in the next period during February and March 2023.

The focus of this masterclass is sharing experiences about ways, methods and approaches to relaunch a tourist destination, covering all sectors related to the tourism supply.

In order to reach these sectors, the Masterclass Programme will provide lessons to different target groups to strengthen their competences and expand their knowledge. By guaranteeing a transnational approach by this masterclass, each lesson will be delivered online on BOOST5 YouTube channel with English subtitles.

This Programme aims to expand the knowledge of tourist actors with new methods and skills regarding the redevelopment and promotion of a destination by raising awareness.  The target groups appointed will benefit from the engagement and the learning process, in order to acquire new competences. The topics of the Masterclasses include ways to face issues and take advantage of the opportunities in the growing sustainable and competitive tourism sector. The overall objective of the Masterclasses Programme is to provide information and innovative methods to relaunch a tourist destination in different ways, with a sustainable approach and development, promoted by the project.

Here is a list of all the masterclasses you can join:

1. Masterclass programme by PP2 – SIPRO: New promotional campaigns and social media marketing strategies in the tourism sector to relaunch the tourist destination.

The masterclass outlined by SIPRO aims to reach students in the tourism fields as well as tourist operators, which may benefit from this tailor-made lesson. Thanks to the active role of SIPRO with the University of Ferrara, the main potential target group is represented by students attending the bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Tourism Management deeply connected with the local territory. According to the wide relevance of the topic it is possible to extend the involvement to local tourist actors, which may benefit from this lesson.

Schedule: 2nd February 2023

How to participate:

2. Masterclass programme by PP7 - Erpac: Making the invisible visible.  The submerged heritage takes up the challenge of the enhacement.

Masterclass is firstly addressed to the main Friuli Venezia - Giulia stakeholders involved in the knowledge, enhancement and management of marine and underwater tourism, both natural and cultural: diving clubs and canters, marine and fishing tourism enterprises, seaside/bathing establishments, tourist agencies, young creative and cultural SME, tourist guides, MPAs, coastal/natural parks and reserves, coastal/river municipalities, regional Museums, Eco museums and other places of cultural, Foundations (such as Fondazione Aquileia), regional Universities (Trieste and Udine) and research centres (such as OGS, etc.), journalists who deal with cultural and natural heritage.

Schedule: 27th February 2023

3. Masterclass Programme by PP4 – Marche Region: Communicating New Vision of Local Landscape. Travelling Experience of Landscape as Interaction of Community and Territory.

To communicate the New Vision of the local landscape, we need to take a look at the ‘bigger picture’ and ask the questions:


What are the landscape values and heritage that we need and want to communicate?

What are the challenges and aims in communicating the New Vision of the landscape?

How to communicate the New Vision of landscape to the local community and visitors?


The Masterclass is mainly addressed to the civil sector interested in fostering the local landscape of the Marche Region: local touristic promotion offices, trade associations (responsible/staff of local hotel/commerce/touristic firms federations and “Albergo diffuso” associations), rural development local actions groups (fisheries local action groups, etc), Mountain areas/communities, local unions and communities of Mountain ares, etc. All stakeholders from both Italy and Croatia that are interested in the topic are also welcome to participate.

University of Camerino, IT speakers: prof. Massimo Sargolini, Valentina Polci, Ana Sopina

Schedule: March 17th, 14:30 – 16:30 h.

The Masterclass will be held online via MS Teams. The link for participation will be shared after the registration via Google Form:


4Masterclass Programme by LP – Technopolis Science and Technology Park: Cultural sustainable tourist experience: strategic planning and management in the age of transition.

The benefits of Community participation in heritage interpretation. Main target groups are: Regional and local development agencies, enterprises, cultural and natural heritage management bodies, NGOs, Associations, regional innovation agencies.

Schedule: March, 24th h. 14.30-16.30, the masterclass will be held online

How to participate:

Via google form :

5. Masterclass Programme by PP1 - Friuli Innovation Consortium: Certifications for going Green Focus on ETGG 2030

Besides new enterprises / teams or individuals with entrepreneurial ideas we are addressing both private or public cultural heritage actors (local museums, local cultural heritage managers, small enterprises /local associations involved hospitality activity…. /Individuals interested in deepening the theme of sustainable certification applied to tourism. They will be invited using internal database/mailing lists and social media promotion and enrolment will be via google form.

Speakers/trainers: Giovanna Tosetto Sustainable Tourism Designer

Schedule: TBD

More information in the draft Agenda