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Published on 13/06/2019 (last modified 20/06/2019)

The Kastav Experience Tour is conceived as a story about the city, its history, crafts and people, experienced by walking the old nucleus of the City of Kastav and stopping at important points for Kastav’s traditions, legends and crafts.

The beginning was marked by UNESCO Heritage Klapa Kastav singing local songs. Visitors were guided by the local tourist guides of the Kastav Euroway School, who gave guests a passport and gave out stickers at every sightseeing point, gamifying the visit of the City. Visitors were also accompanied by Filip Jakovac, who will incorporate parts of this experience tour into his Balkan Roads app, and Marko Badurina, curator of the Museum Collection of the Kastav Region.
The special focus of this experience tour was on the old Kastav crafts, always well developed. However, of all crafts that used to exist, only winemaking is the cornerstone of Kastav's economy today. Belica, an autochthonous wine, is regaining popularity and is on its way to becoming a quality brand and trademark of modern Kastav. In order to experience the craft’s history,guest visited the museum Vikotova Bačvarija and the new Belica House, hosted by the Belica Association. In order to fully understand the importance of winemaking, guests visited the premises of OPG Dejan Rubeša, award-winning manufacturer of Belica, where Oenologist Tomislav Pavlešić, held a lecture about the local wine industry, as well as a gastronomy&oenology school, allowing guests to taste the real Kastav.