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D3.1.1. Established ArTVision Advisory Board

Updated on :18/05/2020

In Application form, as part of WP3- Destination promotion concept and activity A3.1. ArTVision Advisory Board, deliverable D3.1.1 - Established ArTVision Advisory Board is defined as: “D3.1.1. - Established ArTVision Advisory Board, as a neutral body, whose principal aim is to connect all that is connected with the cultural heritage and art in the cross-border area. Following the establishment, the AAB will manage the cultural heritage with the aim to preserve and protect it, and promotes the destinations by using cultural resources. The AAB will be coordinated by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and after every meeting the meetings'minutes will be drafted, in order to be delivered to all Partners for insight. AAB meetings will be held in same time as meeting of SC.”