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D2.3.2. Press conferences

Updated on :18/05/2020

In total partners organised and documented following press conferences:
LP- PRIMORJE GORSKI KOTAR COUNTY = one press conference within the 2nd project meeting that was held in Rijeka, in June 2018, one press conference to announce the cross border event in Moščenidka Draga and Final conference in Rijeka
PP4 AGENCY PUGLIAPROMOZIONE = one press conference within the Kick-off meeting that was held in Bari, in April 2018.
PP5 CA FOSCARI UNIVERSITY OF VENICE = two press conferences, one in Rovigo (April 2019) and second one in Padua (June 2019).
PP6 VENETO REGION = two press conferences, one during the Antiche Mura Teatro Festival, Cittadella (PD) 27.05.2019., and another one during the Euganea Film Festival, Padova 11.06.2019