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ArTVision+ presents at Venice International festival

Published on 24/07/2019 (last modified 13/02/2020)

ArTVision+ presents at Venice International festival

Veneto Region, as ArTVision+ project partner, organized the project event in Lido (Venice) on 30th August 2018 during the 75th Venice International Film Festival, one of the oldest and most important events promoting cinema, but also other forms of arts and culture.

The project  ArTVision+ intends to put in the network the natural and territorial heritage (material and immaterial), the art and art expressions using the innovative communication means such as online platform that will set up a structured in database for the purposes of cultural valorization and promotion of the cultural heritage. This innovative platform will facilitate the match cultural and entertainment operators coming from different territories of the Programme area.


Prof. Panozzo from Ca’ Foscari illustrated the practical actions that will be put in place during the project. The focus will be given on attracting the visitors to the less famous places close to the more famous places, with support of the cultural contents that will act as attractors. The aim is to story-tell less known places for the foreigners but well known locally and for enhancing this activity small high-quality audio-video clips will be produced and spread in the ferries, trains etc., like a sort of narrating guide. On the Veneto regional territory will be realized approximatelly 10 videos.


Mrs. Branà – director of the Museum Pino Pascali in Apulia has intention to psychogeography the places and for this purpose involve the actors, producers and local chefs that will story-tell portions of Apulian territory (Bizantine hypogea), as well as director of the symphonic orchestra that will guide to discover the less-known territorial identities. As for the video production the students from the local territory will be involved.

The Italy-Croatia Programme this was the perfect opportunity to attend the event in order to discover the current achievents towards the project target groups, and the JS project officers also exchanged with the LP about the state of the art of the project implementation.

For the project upcoming news please follow the Programme website or read more about the project here: