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The AdSWiM Project Final Event

Published on 17/08/2021 (last modified 06/12/2021)


Dec 14, 2021 h.10.00


Dec 14, 2021 h.15.30




University of Udine, Via Sondrio 2/A


Sabina Susmel, LP Project Manager

The AdSWiM Project, is an EU Interreg Italy Croatia funded project, that counteracts marine water pollution improving the quality of the sea and coastal waters with innovative technologies in quality monitoring, treatment and management of urban wastewater.

The project started in 2019 and is going to close on December 31, 2021. In 36 months, 6 research institutions, 2 municipalities, 3 companies of wastewater collection, treatment and supply and 1 unit for regulation and provision of health care and education to public have investigated and devised new treatments, new analytical devices and new chemical and microbiological parameters of the waste water. They’ve examined the level of nutrients, pollutants and faecal bacteria near marine discharges and depuration plants by sampling, testing, analysing and comparing the data. They’ve performed more than 100 events (in person and online) to inform, educate and disseminate data and transfer knowledge. They’ve created 7 types of communication material (leaflets, flyers, brochures, posters, rollups, short presentation and infographics videos) and 11 different promotional items in order to promote awareness and encourage responsible behaviour towards the environment, in particular water and marine habitat and ecosystems. In order to increase the efficiency of the AdSWiM research outputs, they have prepared new Adriatic guidelines and a common measurement model for more efficient wastewater treatment management.

The Project Final event will be held on December 14, online from 10.00 till 15.30.

The conference will be opened by the local and regional authorities: Marin Miletić, Project Manager, Italy – Croatia Programme, Veneto Region, Giulia Manzan, Udine Council member, Municipality of Udine, Salvatore Benigno, President CAFC S.p.A., and Sabina Susmel, Project coordinator, University of Udine.

In the morning hours two technical WPs will present the research outcomes, while in the afternoon WP5 (legal guidelines and models) and WP2 (communication activities) results will be presented.

The event is opened and free for all the stakeholders and general public, previous registration Here is the link  TO REGISTER ONLINE

Here you can download the complete AGENDA>>

Before the Final event, the partners will be also involved in the 6th Steering Committee Meeting and the General Assembly.