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The Adrireef Stakeholders’ Survey

Published on 22/11/2020 (last modified 23/11/2020)

A surveying activity designed to create and foster significant exchange opportunities between the project and the key stakeholders





The Adriatic Sea houses a large number of diverse and unique marine ecosystems. Natural and artificial reefs are key elements of these ecosystems.

ADRIREEF project is monitoring and studying a series of selected natural and artificial reefs in order to discover how to foster Blue Growth and Blue Economy with sustainable activities on them or with them.


A series of ADRIREEF project outputs will highlight concrete opportunities for environment protection combined with the creation of novel economic activities, making the Adriatic area more attractive for SMEs’ investments and development. Moreover, ADRIREEF will contribute to knowledge transfer by drafting relevant documents concerning both decision-makers and blue economy stakeholders.


In this perspective, the project invests in the effective engagement of stakeholders. In particular, activity 3.5 led to the identification and classification of relevant stakeholders. The results of this identification and classification represent the foundation for the surveying activity (Act. 2.6) that was designed to create and foster significant exchange opportunities between the project and the key stakeholders.



The Survey

The ADRIREEF Application Form, the document that contains all activities, targets and aims to be accomplished by the project, describes activity 2.6 as follows:

In order to collect relevant information from the stakeholders in the involved business sectors, the Partners will organize online surveys promoted via newsletter and direct invitation. The mapping of potential stakeholders made during the first phase of WP3 is the basis of work for the implementation of this activity. The surveys will be available for 45 days and they will be provided in English, Italian and Croatian, in order to involve the largest possible community. At the end, a specific report will be developed and will be a significant element of the project’s final report.

D2.6.1) Surveys online: digital tool for the creation of surveys

D2.6.2) Data analysis report of the overall results of the surveys


In this way, even if without receiving financial support, enterprises will benefit from the project outputs (i.e. the Guidelines and the Code of Conduct). Finally, these outputs will also contribute to the valorization of Adriatic reefs in order to allow sustainable exploitation of the marine ecosystems in the Blue Economy field”.


Activity 2.6, then, contributes to the Italy-Croatia Interreg Programme output indicator n. C004 “Productive Investment: number of enterprises receiving non-financial support” too.

According to the afore-mentioned Application Form, the project has set up an online survey to collect relevant information from the identified key stakeholders on their approach to innovation.
The survey is now distributed with a special issue of the ADRIREEF newsletter and further promoted by all Project Partners with a direct invitation. In the end, all collected data will be analyzed and will be transformed into a specific report that will be integrated into the final overall report of the project.



The survey is provided online with the use of Google Modules in English, Italian and Croatian languages. The link to the questionnaire is sent to the identified stakeholders (operating in the main blue economy sectors: sport diving, professional diving, sport fishing, professional fishing, aquaculture, other) via the project newsletter or by direct invitation from all Project Partners.

The survey will remain available online for 45 days and t
he form is divided into four sections:

Section I: General Information

Section II: Approach to Innovation in the period 2017-2019

Section III: Strategies for business development

Section IV: Instruments for innovation


Action plan



The questionnaire

To help us with our research on the Blue Economy in the Adriatic Sea, we would really appreciate if you would take part in a very short survey that should take only a few minutes to complete.
Every answer we receive helps us with our project development. This is the link to the survey form (please, choose your language):






Thank you for your time, we really do appreciate your collaboration!