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Protection of the marine site Stupisce as the protected area in the category Special Marine Reserve

Published on 30/11/2021 (last modified 30/11/2021)

Local event in Komiža, island of Vis organized by PI RERA S.D.

PI RERA S.D. organized the Local event on 10 November 2021 in Komiža on the island of Vis with the aim of promoting the sustainable use of marine resources and the protection of the Adriatic reefs. At the event, we presented the results achieved during the implementation of the ADRIREEF project, and as a final activity on the project – the protection of the marine site Stupišće by initiating the procedure for declaring a "No-take" zone and using the site exclusively for tourist purposes with special emphasis on tourist diving activities. "No-take" zone is “Marine protected area in the category Special Marine Reserve – Stupišće”. It contributes to meeting the objectives of the Biodiversity Strategy 2030 in terms of declaring 10% strict protection at sea. One of the priorities of the EU Biodiversity Strategy until 2030  ( is “Strictly protect at least one third of the EU protected areas (10%), including all remaining rainforests and old forests. ”At sea level and the coast of Split-Dalmatia County, which is under the jurisdiction of PI RERA S.D. in terms of development and PI More i krš for nature conservation, the only stricter protection is a special ichthyological and ornithological reserve Pantan. There is a potential for declaring strict protection on the coast and sea in the Split-Dalmatia county, but in smaller percentages. One of the sites is Cape Stupišće, for which preliminary research has been conducted within the ADRIREEF project, which indicated significant biological diversity of reefs currently included in the Natura 2000 ecological network. This type of protection is not sufficient to preserve areas under pressure from fisheries, especially the illegal one. The only way to preserve it is to declare a protection stack that would be managed by the Public Institution More i krš, a regional institution that has the authority to act in nature protection and control the violators.

During this Local event, Pi More i krš expressed interest in declaring the strict protection in the category of special reserve in the sea. The City of Komiža, where Stupišće is located, agrees with the same. One of the preconditions for the proclamation prescribed by the Nature Protection Act in force is the preparation of a Baseline study. The expert background contains a detailed description of the characteristics and values of the protected area, assessment of the condition of the area, the consequences of the proclamation act, especially with regard to property rights and existing economic activities, and assessment and sources of funds needed to implement the act. (Article 124 of the Nature Protection Act, OG 15/18). Examples of expert background are available at the following link. PI More i krš estimates that the process of making the base can take from a year to two.