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Published on 26/10/2021 (last modified 29/12/2021)

Virtual diving experience on the Paguro artificial reef

Even if you have never worn a wet suit and if you are no familiar with diving techniques, now, thanks to Adrireef project and 3D visors you can virtually explore the Paguro wreck lying underwater at a depth of minus 30 metres in the Adriatic sea!
The Paguro is famous among divers, biologists and sea lovers: a gas drilling platform exploded and sunk in 1965 over the Ravenna coastline.
Today, the wreck has become a marine sanctuary, the shelter of many animal and vegetal species and, for this reason, a SIC protected zone.

The highest part of the structure stands at minus 10 metres below sea level, while the deepest one lies at minus 35 metres below sea level where currents and low temperatures make it a difficult dive experience. This is an ideal destination for scientists and divers and nowadays we can visit it even with our feet well stamped on the floor! Thanks to Adrireef project we now have a little virtual museum of the Paguro. After a long activity of monitoring and photogrammetric sampling we have a 3D model of the wreck and by wearing the available 3D visors it is possible to explore the whole intricated underwater structure and metal network. Everyone can experience the dive: citizens willing to discover the Paguro, tourists willing to experience a local resource, divers willing to learn how to orienteer in the wreck and so on.

In Summer, the 3D visors are availble at the Tourist Information Office of Marina di Ravenna close to the MAS – Museum of Underwater Activities, while over the rest of the year they are available at the Piazza San Francesco Tourist Information Office, right in the city centre of Ravenna.

Come and visit us for your virtual dive experience! And, If you can't come to Ravenna or just want to dive with your own computer while sitting on the sofa, take a look here at the 360° interactive photo tour.