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ADRIADAPT Deliverable: Report on guidelines for building coastal resilience

Published on 27/06/2021 (last modified 10/09/2021)

Adriadapt – a resilience information platform for Adriatic cities and towns, is a collective effort of 6 Italian and 5 Croatian partners aiming to promote local and regional resilience by developing the knowledge base required to identify suitable climate adaptation and planning options, thereby enabling local authorities to respond to policy needs related to climate action in urban and coastal zones of the project area.

The Project is structured in 5 working packages (WPs), where within WP4 and WP5 strategic guidelines for local and regional authorities are to be developed. These publications also serve as the backbone of the knowledge platform. An expert meeting was organized by PAP/RAC in Split in June 2019 in order to harmonize the approaches and secure efficient collaboration of the partners responsible for WP4 and WP5. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the partners responsible for all WPs, besides WP 3, but with the representatives of the WP 3 a Skype session was organized.

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