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Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2021-2027

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Interreg Italy-Croatia is quite a young ETC Programme, having only a single programming period (2014-2020) behind his back. Despite his recent history, the Programme developed nevertheless a fruitful cooperation path, discovering interesting and innovative fields of cooperation on which strong and effective partnerships between Italy and Croatia were involved in implementing joint ptrojects.
Now the time has come to take our cooperation towards the 2021-2027 Programme strategy, by applying the good practices learned up to now to tackle the remaining obstacles and seize new opportunities for the benefit of the Programme Area and citizens.

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Working Groups for the future Italy-Croatia 2021-2027

A preparatory Working Group for the future Italy-Croatia 2021-27 (WG 21-27) Programme was set up in May 2020 composed by representatives from both Member States as well as from the European Commission. It was responsible for providing the basis for setting up the 2021-2027 Task Force, until its establishment. The Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat of the current Programme will support the process, also providing with the procurement of needed external expertise. The WG 21-27 met twice, in May and July 2020, and its task ran out when the Task Force is set up. 

Task Force Italy-Croatia 2021-2027 Programme

The composition and setting up of the Task Force 2021-2027 was formalized with official note of the Managing Authority n. 463266 of 30/10/2020.

By the means of the approved document Rules of Procedure (RoP) are defined internal rules of the Task Force regarding the composition and chairmanship, the functions, the meeting and working group organisation, the decision making process and the written procedures.

As established by Member States’ agreement the decided Task Force composition is the following:




Timing and roadmap

​​​​​​​The new Interreg Italy Croatia Programme is currently planned to be submitted to the European Commission by 2021.

Meetings of the Task force and planned events





Involvement and consultation process of the economic and social partners within the programming phase

In accordance with the multilevel governance principle, partners shall be involved in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation activities of the Programme.
A fundamental step of this process will be the consultation of citizens and relevant stakeholders, that will be linked here. Stay tuned!
In addition, on this website we will keep you updated of the latest developments regarding the programming process.


the contribution of IT_HR programme


ETC 2021-2027 and Documents

ETC 2021-2027 and Documents

For the programming period 2021-2027, the European Commission in May 2018 prepared and published the proposal of the EU budget for the future (Multiannual framework 2021-2027). ​​​
On 21 July 2020, the EU leaders reached a historic agreement on the next long-term budget and Next Generation EU. With reference to the legal framework of the future regional development and cohesion, since May 2018 the collection of proposals for amendments started, launching negotiations with the European Parliament and the Council in order to reach a common position.​​​​​​​

Also for the 2021-2027 programming period the cohesion policy is still one of the most substantial budget lines, representing the main investment policy of the European Union. Also the definition in two different objectives (the second one is Interreg, that is the European Territorial Cooperation) is confirmed, as well as the three Interreg strands: cross-border, transnational and interregional.   

With regard to the ETC Programmes 2021-2027 (among which is Italy-Croatia CBC Programme), the identification and the geographic coverage are currently being set. The ETC Programmes (and the Italy-Croatia CBC Programme) have started to reflect on their future. 

Here you can find a selection of the main documents concerning the POST 2020, drawn up at different levels:




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