INTERREG DATABASE is a website launched by Interact Programme in order to facilitate access to each Interreg programme and therefore to Interreg themes, topics and results through a single portal. 

The website is conceived to act as:

  • communication hub and promotion channel primarily towards potential applicants as a mean to reach out to local audiences, but also for other audiences Europe-wide
  • harmonized and simplified tool for understanding of Interreg in EU - one stop shop to demonstrate what's done in Interreg
  • to increase visibility of Interreg programmes and programme’s opportunities like open calls and job vacancies (which will no longer be posted on the Interact website) and the overall Interreg initiative by putting everything in a context.




The INTERACT Programme launched in 2016 the new interface of the KEEP portal. The layout is now responsive and there are many new features available for searching for Interreg, ENI CBC and IPA CBC programmes and projects.

The features on the site include:

  • Searching projects and programmes per regions
  • Searching projects per Thematic Objectives/Investment Priorities
  • Partner search tool (useful also for programmes to see who has done what!)
  • Responsive layout (use from a phone, tablet...)

Currently, KEEP includes programme data for 104 of the 2014-2020 Interreg and IPA CBC programmes. There is a lot more data on the new programmes than in the previous period (e.g. TOs, SOs, IPs as well as result and output indicators).

Data on 2014-2020 projects exists for 4 programmes. The wheels are turning to get more data transfers active from the eMS and other monitoring systems the programmes are using