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MC | 7 Meeting, Mestre 13-14 February 2020

Updated on :03/05/2020

The 7th Monitoring Committee meeting was held in Mestre on 13th-14th February 2020.

The main focus was on Strategic Calls for Proposal assessment procedure: eligibility state of art and next steps discussion for the approval of the documents.

Other items concerned:

  • Standard+ and Standard projects implementation state of art acknowledgement
  • Audit Authority report acknowledgement
  • Annual Communication Plan 2020 and Social Media Management Operational Plan approval
  • Programme expenditure and 2020 forecast acknowledgement
  • Technical Assistance manual revision discussion
  • Programme Evaluation: reporting on the EWG activity and timetable revision
  • JS organization and staff: update on the situation and administrative activities carried out
  • Discussion about new programming period 2021-2027 and preparatory activities

Hereinafter you will find soon the following material:

Participants list
Synthetic report