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MC | 5 Meeting, Venice | 19-20 July 2018

Updated on :27/02/2019

The 5th Monitoring Committee meeting was held in Venice on 19th-20th July 2018.

The main focus was on 1st Set of Calls for Proposals - discussion and the approval of "Standard" projects’ ranking list and presentation of the results of the "Standard" projects admissibility check.

The MC was also the occasion to approve the minor changes of the Subsidy contract template and the Factsheet 8 – Project Communication, and to discuss about Technical Assistance budget and financial performance, Factsheet 6 and Evaluation plan.

Furthermore, Strategic Projects generation process has been shared and discussed and the state of the art of the communication activities put in place was acknowledged.

Hereinafter you may find the following material while the Synhetic report will be made available as soon as the Minutes are approved.

Participants list
Synthetic report