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MC | 3 Meeting, Venice | 11-12 July 2017

Updated on :27/02/2019

The 3rd Monitoring Committee meeting was held in Venice on 11th-12th July 2017.

The main focus was on 1st Set of Calls for Proposals - discussion and the approval of "Standard+" admissibility and eligibility verification results and presentation of the first numbers and figures related to the "Standard" projects.

The MC was the occasion to approve the Annual Implementation Report 2016 and the Technical Assistance budget forecast.

Furthermore, the first draft of the "Project Implementation Factsheet n.6" document has been presented and the first discussion in relation to the Strategic Projects modalities and contents took place.

Please find below the agenda, particpants list and synthetic report

  • Agenda
  • Participants list
  • Synthetic report
  • Pictures