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Updated on :23/11/2020

Where to publish which materials? The projects' websites were set up in logical manner in order to be able to contain main projects' information and all kinds of materials (documents, videos, photos, infographics etc).

All projects are obliged to update regularly their project website by the means of drafting the relevant thematic articles, updating about the project events and achievements, pilot actions etc. In addition the website should be used by the projects each time when communication with the project stakeholders in order to attract them on the website where they will find interesting and updated content.

Projects may use the website for the consultation among stakeholders to announce the surveys created or to call for action the stakeholders to consult the project deliverables while still in draft version.

Whenever the any of the project deliverables has been closed and edited in final version, it is mandatory that the project puts it at disposal of the Programme and own stakeholders by publishing it on the website.

In order to provide all the in detail information on which material should be published and on which of the specifc sections of the projects' website and to support the web-content managers in this activity (and consequently the LPs), the Programme has elaborated this simple Guideline.

In addition the recomendations for the minimum communication requirements when organizing an online public event of the project have been indicated.