1st Call for Proposals
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The INTERREG VI-A Italy–Croatia 2021-2027, a Cross-Border Cooperation Programme in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation, has launched the 1st Call for Proposals for two typologies of projects, Standard and Small-scale projects.

The Call opened according to the following schedule:

Standard project proposals: from 28/11/2022 to 20/03/2023 at 2.00 PM CET  22/03/2023 at 2.00 PM CET

Small-scale project proposals: from 28/11/2022 to 28/02/2023 at 2.00 PM CET

Further information and documents on the application process can be found in Application Package. The Call has been implemented through the Joint electronic monitoring system (Jems).
The Call for proposals is governed by EU Regulations, the Interreg Programme and the Application Package. Italian legal framework was applied wherever applicable. In terms of State aid, General Block Exemption Regulation - art. 20 and 20A EU regulation N. 651/2014 - and the de minimis Regulation - EU Regulation n. 1407/2016 apply to the present Call for proposals.

Feature Standard project Small-scale project
Max. n. of project proposals per applicant 2 as LP 2 as LP
Specific Objectives SO 1.1, SO 1.2, SO 2.1, SO 2.2, SO 3.1 and SO 4.1 SO 2.2, SO 4.1 and SO 5.1
Min. n. of Partners 3 partners (at least 1 IT and 1 HR) 2 partners (at least 1 IT and 1 HR)
Max. n. of Partners 8 partners (at least 1 IT and 1 HR) 4 partners (at least 1 IT and 1 HR)
Min duration 24 months 12 months
Max duration 30 months 18 months
Indicative starting date January 2024 July 2023
ERDF contribution 80% 80%
Min. financial size of each project (ERDF) 500.000,00 EUR 165.000,00 EUR
Max. financial size of each project (ERDF) 1.500.000,00 EUR
for SO 1.1 and SO 1.2
2.200.000,00 EUR
for all other SOs
200.000,00 EUR

Application package

Application package

The present Call is implemented through the Joint electronic monitoring system (Jems).

To access the Jems platform, each applicant must register by clicking on “Create account” on the homepage and providing a set of credentials.

Information on personal data processing is available here.


Title Published Download
Call announcement version 2 01/12/2022
Guidelines for Applicants 28/11/2022
Off-line Application Form template for Small-scale projects (for information purposes) 28/11/2022
Project selection procedure 28/11/2022
Annex 1 Project selection procedure 28/11/2022
Subsidy Contract template 28/11/2022
Lead partner (LP) Declaration template 28/11/2022
Project partner (PP) Declaration template 28/11/2022
Associated partner (AP) Declaration template 28/11/2022
Editable templates Zip file 01/12/2022
Application Package First Call Zip file 11/07/2023

Assessment results

Assessment results

Standard projects 

The outcomes of the quality assessment were approved by the Monitoring Committee on the 23rd of November 2023. Here are the quality assessment results. 

The outcomes of the administrative compliance and eligibility check were approved by the Monitoring Committee on the 17th of May 2023. HERE are the results.

The outcomes of the administrative compliance and eligibility check approved on the 17th of May 2023, have been updated by the Monitoring Committee via Written Procedure n.2 closed on the 10th of July  2023. HERE are the results.

 Small-scale projects  

The outcomes of the administrative compliance and eligibility check were approved by the Monitoring Committee on the 6th of April 2023. HERE are the results.

The outcomes of the quality assessment were approved by the Monitoring Committee on the 17th of May 2023. HERE are the results. 



To provide relevant information on the first Call for proposals Programme organised 4 Infodays in presence:

Date Location
2nd December 2022 Ancona (Italy)
6th December 2022 Bari (Italy)
14th December 2022 Karlovac (Croatia)
15th December 2022 Šibenik (Croatia)
10th January  2023            Dubrovnik (Croatia)

20th January  2023        

   Pula (Croatia)

All presentations and the video recorded are available on the dedicated webpage. 

These events were a valuable occasion to provide support to potential Italian and Croatian applicants in the preparation of the project proposals submitted under this call.

1st Call for proposal - body - ONLINE CONSULTATIONS WITH THE JS

Online Consultations with the JS

Online Consultation meetings with the JS were foreseen as additional support for applicants. The Programme JS Team advised lead applicants on their project idea and replied to questions related to the Application Package and application procedure. Only one consultation were foreseen for each of the project proposals already opened in Jems. 

Before applying for the Consultation meeting, partners were advised to read carefully Application Package, and to check the video recordedduring the Infoday in Bari and to read the last version of the Questions & Answers (below).  

Please be aware that: 

  • Consultations can be related to content, communication and finance. 
  • Consultations are not pre-assessments and will not be based on the filled-in Application Form or parts of it. 
  • It is not possible to provide any advice on concrete outputs, activities, or deliverables nor e.g., the admissibility or the eligibility of the project proposal. 
  • Consultations cannot be focused on the consistency of the project proposal with the national or regional strategies and priorities (for these aspects, relevant national/ regional services should be consulted). 

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Lead Partner can contact the Joint Secretariat (JS) based in Venice and the Antenna office in Zadar at any time for any queries related to project development and application at: 

Please be reminded that the official language of the Programme is English and to send your queries accordingly.

On this page, we will gather the answers to the frequently asked questions the Programme receives. 

Questions and answers I vers. 6 Dated 16th March 2023

Our contacts are open for all your requests