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Published on 05/12/2019 (last modified 05/12/2019)

Our Programme and projects websites act as a virtual handshake for our work, and a frustrating user experience can turn potential users away before they start using our tool.

With aim to inspire brand trust we would like to gather users' opinions on our website’s experience and appearance before churn occurs and in order to avoid any.

If you are satisfied this means the Programme is running a good job. Since your opinion counts for us, Italy-Croatia CBC Programme would like to hear from Programmes' beneficiaries.

The website feedback survey is mainly addressed to:

  • Lead Partners or Project partner of a Programme funded project 
  • Representatives of the EU organization and EU thematical networks
  • Members of the Programme Govering structure (MC, CA, AA, National Authorities)
  • Project beneficiaries
  • FLC
  • Citizens

Click the button below to start the Website feedback survey.

We'd really appreciate your participation.
Thank you for your time.