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angle-left null The second edition ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia 2223 is about to start

The second edition ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia 2223

Published on 12/01/2023 (last modified 12/01/2023)

The opening is with introductory webinar

The Programme Italy-Croatia is pleased to announce that the second edition of the At the School of OpenCohesion - ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia for the school year 2022-2023 is about to be launched.

In total 15 schools - well balanced on the territory - have been selected to monitor the projects financed by the Programme Italy-Croatia in the 2014-2020 programming period.

7 from Italy 

  • Istituto “Benedetti-Tommasèo” – Venezia (Veneto Region)
  • Istituto “Volterra-Elìa” – Ancona (Region Marche)
  • Liceo Classico e Linguistico “Giacomo Leopardi” – Macerata (2 team-classes) (Marche Region)
  • Istituto Tecnico “Tito Acerbo” – Pescara (Abruzzo Region)
  • Istituto Scolastico Guglionèsi (CB) (Molise Region)
  • Istituto “Boccardi-Tiberio” – Termoli (CB) (Molise Region)
  • Liceo Scientifico “Carlo Cafièro” – Barletta (Puglia Region)

 8 from Croatia

  • Prva riječka hrvatska gimnazija – Rijeka (Primorsko-goranska County)
  • Komercijalno-trgovačka škola – Split (Splitsko-dalmatinska County)
  • Srednja škola – Duga Resa (Karlovačka County)
  • Ekonomsko-birotehnička i trgovačka škola – Zadar (Zadarska County)
  • Srednja poljoprivredna i tehnička škola – Opuzen (Dubrovačko-neretvanska County)
  • Građevinska tehnička škola – Rijeka (Primorsko-goranska County)
  • Privatna srednja škola Aspalathos – Dugopolje (Splitsko-dalmatinska County)
  • Prirodoslovna škola – Karlovac (Karlovačka County)

The 1st introductory webinar of the ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia learning path addressed at Italian and Croatian Teams and their teachers will take place on Friday 13 January 2023, from 14:30 to 16:00.

The webinar, which will be held in English, will be attended by the representatives and experts of the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat of the Italy-Croatia Interreg Programme, the Italian and Croatian representatives of the ASOC ETC project and other institutional guests. The agenda foresees the Schools’ matching through live random pick up that will determine the transnational Team combinations.

Last but not least the Q&A sessions with teachers are foreseen in order to clarify potential doubts or questions and start effectively the new second edition of ASOC civic monitoring.