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Published on 03/12/2019 (last modified 03/12/2019)

What are we talking about when we say story-telling?

Can the lesser-known tourist destinations atrract tourists?

The right answer to the last question is yes and this all can be done with the ERDF support on innovative method of communicating examples of cultural heritage as tourist destinations, while generating curiosity and inviting users for a unique discovery.

Nine different places - Nine videos - Nine narrations 

developed by the ArTVision+ project and funded by the IT-HR Programme are intended to create a new stories of cultural heritage using the utmost creative potential of the audio-visual language in order to stimulate the promotion and development of tourism through the prism of culture and to tackle the theme of innovation in video storytelling on the agenda of regional tourism policies .

Video narration with adequate promotion is able to standardize the language to all target groups and show the particularity and autenticity of the cultural heritage offer with aim to contribute to the redistributing the touristic mass-flow from the most famous heritage centers. 

The Management Department of the Ca'Foscari University prepared the editorial dedicated on exploring the relationship and the storytelling and the cultural heritage that you can find available ArTVision+ website.