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REGIOSTARS awards 2021: apply now!

Published on 10/02/2021 (last modified 15/02/2021)

Award your project with EU best project prize

The European Commission is ready to assign the prize to the EU-funded projects which demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development and has opened the call for the applications submissions for the RegioStars Awards 2021.
Whether you believe that your partnership has been working hard and you are proud of your project's achievements that can be identified as inspiring, innovative and replicable on other EU territories, then you'll be able to apply in one of the five thematic Award categories:

•    SMART Europe - Increasing the competitiveness of local businesses in a digital world
•    GREEN Europe - Green and resilient communities in rural and urban settings
•    FAIR Europe - Fostering inclusion and anti-discrimination
•    URBAN Europe - Promoting green, sustainable, circular food systems in functional urban areas
•    Topic of the year - Enhancing green mobility in the regions: European Year of Rail 2021

To be eligible, the project needs to be either fully implemented or should be in a sufficiently mature state in order for it to demonstrate progress in the achievement of the original objectives.


Submit your project Expression of Interest for Programme assessment and pre-selection
The Italy-Croatia CBC Programme encourages the Standard+, Standard and Strategic projects to express their interest to participate. The Programme is able to nominate up to 5 projects. The Italy-Croatia CBC Programme’s Managing Authority reserves the right to make the final decision on which projects to endorse with the letter for the RegioStars 2021 awards.
In order to be considered for the nomination, please express your interest by filling an online form as soon as possible and submit it to the Programme by 2nd April 2020 (17:00 CET) at the latest.
Selected projects will be notified by the mid of April to finalise their application. The final submission must be done by the project manager, with the endorsement letter of the Managing Authority, and exclusively via the online application platform of the EU Commission that is open until 9 May 2020 (23:59:59 CET)
As a novelty, in 2021 the finalists are invited to training sessions on communication as part of the European Week of Regions and Cities in October. The winners in the five categories, and the winner of the public choice, will receive their well-deserved prize at the festive REGIOSTARS ceremony, to take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in December 2021. The winners of the five categories will also get a paid media partnership worth EUR 5.000€.

More information:
•    Submit your project Expression of Interest to the Programme (questionnaire for Italy-Croatia CBC Programme assesment and pre-selection)
•    RegioStars website
•    Guide for applicants
•    RegioStars 2021 Application Platform (final application to be submitted by the Project Manager of the organization who is responsible for the implementation of the project together with the MA's endorsement letter).