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Launched Restricted Cluster Call for proposals

Published on 05/11/2021 (last modified 17/11/2021)

Main highlights

The Restricted Cluster Call for Proposals of the Interreg V-A Italy-Croatia CBC Programme is dedicated to the funding of cluster projects in 5 different thematic areas in order to maximize experiences and results achieved by the Programme through the implementation of Standard+ and Standard Projects.

Here is a summary of the main elements that characterize these calls. Please notice that only the Application Package documents have official character.
The Application Package with all documents is available on the Apply – Cluster Call for Proposals and in DOCS&TOOLS – APPLICATION PACKAGE – Cluster Call for proposals  


These Calls will be open for 45 days, from 20th October to 6th December 2021 at 12 PM CET and allocate in total 2,55 Mio € from ERDF to finance “IT-HR Cluster projects” in 5 different thematic areas:

  1. Connectivity from the sea: data driven solution in the sea economy
  2. Adaptation to climate changes: governance and capacity building
  3. Joint development of thematic cultural routes
  4. Marine monitoring as a tool in Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)
  5. Improving quality, efficiency and environmental performance of Adriatic ports



The  financial  size  of  the  projects  submitted shall be in line with the available resources. It is expected that tot. 5 Cluster project will be funded for each thematic area.
The  ERDF  contribution  requested  by  each  project  proposal shall not be higher than € 510.000,00.
The project duration should not exceed 15 months with starting date 01.04.2021 and ending date 30.06.2023 at the latest, with all project expenditure reported by the 30.09.2023.

No preparation costs are eligible under this restricted Call for Proposals.
No advance payments will be granted by the Programme to partners in the current Call.



In order to be an eligible partner/lead partner within each of the 5 Clusters, an organization has to be already LP or PP (also Assimilated) of one of the Standard+ or Standard projects expressly listed in the call for proposal announcement. Any other organization which is not a PP or LP of a project listed in that paragraph cannot participate in the specific cluster partnership and will be excluded
The same organization cannot be PP or LP in more than one proposal. If more than one proposal includes the same organization as its LP or PP, all involved submitted proposals will be rejected. The proposal will be rejected also in case of cluster partnership exceeding the maximum number of partners.

  • Lead applicants may be both Italian and Croatian organizations having the legal status of public body (also associations of PAs) and of Body Governed by Public Law (also associations of BGPL) located in the Programme Area (exception in case of assimilated partners).
  • Eligible partners are both Italian and Croatian organizations having the legal status of public body (also associations of PAs), Body Governed by Public Law (also associations of BGPL), private bodies and international organizations located in the Programme Area (exception in case of assimilated partners).



Cross-border partnership of each project should include at least 3 partners, out of which:

  • at least one Croatian partner involved in Standard or Standard+ project;
  • at least one Italian partner involved in Standard or Standard+ project.

In addition, the partnership involved shall bring the know-how and experience from at least 3 different projects belonging to the same IT-HR Cluster from the list below.
The maximum number of partners per each cluster project is 8.



Applicants are requested to submit project proposals able to ensure the following goals for the outputs produced and the best practices tested during the implementation of Standard+ and Standard Projects:

  • innovative schemes for the sustainability of results;
  • transferability of results beyond the IT-HR Programme Area;
  • activation of coordination processes with other Interreg (e.g., ADRION Thematic Clusters) and EU initiatives (e.g., EUSAIR structures);
  • involvement of other ongoing Standard and Strategic IT-HR projects operating in the same domains in communication and dissemination activities;
  • development of project ideas in line with Interreg Italy-Croatia CBC Programme 2021-2027, identification of cross-border obstacles to be solved, proposals to contribute to the implementation of EUSAIR flagships;
  • addressing as target groups "policy makers" relevant for the Programming Period 2021-2027.

The project workplan should have a simplified structure, with an articulation by predefined WPs and with predefined activities that each project will have to carry out. Minimum deliverables are envisaged, but each proposal may include additional deliverables which will be evaluated on the basis of their consistency with the objectives of the Call and added value to cooperation, according to the selection criteria approved indicated in the FS 5 Annexes.


Submission will follow a single step procedure.
Project proposals must be submitted in English language, only through SIU System and exclusively by the Lead Applicant, filling in an on-line template, describing the contents of the actions to be carried out, the partnership and budget.
NOTE: In case the potential Lead Applicant organization's user is already accredited to the GUSI, in the role of the Lead Applicant, it is not necessary to request again the accreditation for this call for proposals application.
On the other hand, the potential Lead Applicant organization's user who has already got PP's login credentials to SIU must initiate the "Registration for new users" procedure anyway


We'll be collecting your questions via official JS e-mail, aggregate them and publish every Tuesday the most frequent questions-answers in the FAQ section. Before calling or asking anything please read carefully the call announcement and documents.