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Environmental Consultation

Published on 30/11/2021 (last modified 30/11/2021)

Which environmental impacts will have the Interreg Italy-Croatia 2021-2027?

In order to reply to this question the Programme prepared an all-in-depth analysis called Environment report, drafted in collaboration with external experts and the relevant Italian and Croatian environmental authorities, that accompanies the proposal of the new Italy-Croatia Cooperation Programme (so-called draft IP).
For this purpose the Programme is publishing both documents and inviting all stakeholders to have their say!
On our new section of the Programme website, dedicated to the preparation of the 2021-2027 Programming period, in particular to consultations, you can find

  • The proposal for the Interreg Italy-Croatia 2021/2027 cross-border cooperation Programme;
  • The environmental report accompanied by its non-technical summary

The summary, containing the most relevant information, will ease the participation and keep it the simple of all types of stakeholders.
The consultation will be open until the 14th January 2022 and contributions may be sent to the MA indicating in the subject: "IT-HR 2021/2027 - SEA - public consultation" by the means of:

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and suggestions for improval!