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Cross-Border Consultation - Final overall report

Published on 20/01/2022 (last modified 20/01/2022)

Towards 2021-2027: Overall report of the Cross-border Consultation describing the process and activities put in place for the involvement of Programme partnership, in accordance with the European Code of Conduct on Partnership

According to the announcement during the cross-border consultation webinar, the results of the on line questionnaire and stakeholders’ answers to the polls launched during the webinar have been analysed all in detail by the MA and JS, submitted and discussed with the 2021-2027 Task Force, focusing in particular focus on the impact on the IP content and its fine-tuning.

The overall report of the Cross-Border Consultation – Analysis of results has been published in the section dedicated to the Programme 2021-2027 – Consultation – Cross-Border Consultation.
The document contains the synthesis of all collected inputs and suggestions gathered from all the stakeholders involved, together with accompanying explanations on the modalities for their integration done by the Programme during the IP fine-tuning phase.

The Programme and all its governing structures are grateful to all the stakeholders that shown great interest and actively participated to this strategic phase of the consultation process.