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Call for Tender for the Evaluation Service of the Programme

Published on 24/08/2020 (last modified 24/08/2020)

In accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 art. 54, 56 and 114, on 21st August 2020 the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Croatia launched a call for tender for evaluating the quality of the Programme and its impact.

The evaluation service concerns the following main elements:

  • n. 1 Integrated Evaluation Design,
  • n. 3 Operational Evaluation Reports,
  • n. 2 Impact Evaluation Reports,
  • at least one Additional Evaluation, one Socio-Economic and Territorial Analysis for the preparation to 2021-2027 Programming period,
  • support to the Programme Bodies 
  • data collection and participation to the necessary meetings.

The overall offered service must be performed by the means of the setting up of an interdisciplinary working-group able to prove its skills, experience, expertise and independence from the Programme managing structures and National Authorities.

In addition, the entire above mentioned service shall be delivered in English language as it represents the Programme official language.

Main tender features:

  1. Total budget: € 209.016,39 (VAT not included)
  2. Contract duration: till 30th June 2023
  3. Language of the technical offer: English

Applications must be submitted through MePA platform

Opening of the notice on MePA platform: 45 days (from 21/08/2020; expiry on 5/10/2020 at 6:00 PM CEST)

The official tender documents and annexes are available for the download on the JOBS & TENDERS section of the Programme website.

For any further inquiry related to the administrative procedure please contact:

Tel. +390412791781