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angle-left null Annual Implementation Report 2021 approved!

Annual Implementation Report 2021 approved!

Published on 07/09/2022 (last modified 07/09/2022)

The Annual Implementation Report (AIR) is the document that the Managing Authorities of the Programmes financed with EU Funds have to prepare and submit to the European every year (according to the Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013, art.20). 

The AIR contains key information on implementation of the Programme and its priorities such as:

  • financial data;
  • common and Programme-specific indicators
  • quantified target values
  • state of the art of the implementation of ongoing  operations
  • synthetic description of the findings of all evaluations of the Programme that have become available for the financial year up to the 31st December 2021

The Annual Implementation Report of the Programme Italy-Croatia for the year 2021 was approved by the European Commission.

All the highlights and key points related to the progress made by the Programme in 2021 are available in the Citizen's summary that stands as abstract of the Annual Implementation Report (required by the Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013, art.20, point 9) in order enable easier accessibility and the consultation of the content of the Programme AIR.