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angle-left null Announcing the winners of the ASOC ETC Interreg Italy-Croatia pilot project

The winners of the ASOC ETC Interreg Italy-Croatia

Published on 21/06/2022 (last modified 24/06/2022)

The first edition of the ASOC ETC (European Territorial Cooperation) Italy-Croatia pilot project is at its closure stage. During the 2021-2022 school year, Italian and Croatian schools were engaged together in the joint activities of civic monitoring related to the projects financed by the Italy-Croatia CBC Programme. The ASOC model - a very well known model at European level - is the methodology used by the classes during the research.

This first year the pilot project involved 4 “twinned” couples of Italian and Croatian classes, indicated in the table hereinafter, who jointly observed and analyzed the same project selected according to their preference, whether the closed projects or ongoing projects belonging to the Interreg Italy-Croatia in its 2014-2020 programming period.

IIS “Alessandro Volta” PESCARA Gimnazija DUBROVNIK Coastenergy
Istituto tecnico per Attività Sociali “G. Deledda - M.Fabiani” TRIESTE Srednja škola DUGA RESA KeyQ+
IIS “Giovanni Boccardi” TERMOLI  Srednja škola BUZET Historic
Liceo Scientifico “E. Majorana” BRINDISI Poljoprivredna, prehrambena i veterinarska škola Stanka Ožanića  ZADAR



The Teams and the specific outputs of their work were evaluated by an ad hoc appointed Commission.

The winning couple is Termoli-Buzet, chosen as the best performing cross-border team for their civic monitoring research among the 3 school teams that have successfully concluded the educational path (Pescara-Dubrovnik, Termoli-Buzet, Brindisi-Zadar). The evaluations are transparent and based on the attribution of scores defined in the evaluation criteria set according to the well-established ASOC model.

The celebrations of this very first edition are about to come: the final event will take place on 8th July in Trieste and will involve the winners and their teachers. The winning teams are invited to pitch live on stage to showcase the results of their civic monitoring activities and will be awarded by the Programme and NAs. The other schools that have participated in the project will also take part in the final event in the online modality.

The event is promoted and organized by the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme and by the Italian and Croatian National Authorities.

The ASOC ETC Interreg Italy-Croatia pilot project is successfully completed thanks to the commitment and collaboration among the Department for Cohesion Policies and the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, the Managing Authority (Veneto Region) & the Join Secretariat of the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme, the Italian Ministry of Education, the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds and the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.

 All Teams are already the winners since they represent the pioneers of this pilot cross-border initiative that involves pairs of students from both sides of the Adriatic Coast.

Many compliments are addressed to all the participating classes, to their teachers and to the territorial networks who supported them in this cross-border monitoring process, that so much confirms the Programme pay-off “From shared resources to joint solutions” and is built on the European spirit of cooperation and bringing together youth in this European Year of Youth.