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5 Shining starts in Europe: Italy-Croatia projects

Published on 18/06/2020 (last modified 20/07/2021)

Italy-Croatia projects are again in the center of attention in Europe, running for the awards of best Interreg project in the year of Interreg celebrating the 30th birthday, but also for the crown of the most innovative project at EU level among all projects financed by the Cohesion policy, regardless the fund financing operations or Managing Authority.

The Programme is proud that this year 5 Italy-Croatia projects are running for the finals of European Campaigns for the best and most innovative EU projects.

The project ML-REPAIR project video-story is candidate among 30 best ETC projects for Interreg 30 Years Project Slam promoted by the INTERACT that assigned a special honorable mention to the project.

Other 4 projects - ADRIREEF, INNOCULTOUR, USEFALL, MOSES - are running for the finals of the RegioStars Awards 2020 that puts together the best and most innovative projects on EU level financed by the Cohesion Policy.

Our amazing cooperation community can do so much for supporting them to win the public choice award. We stand for each other in our cooperation network where we work together.

How can we all support them? Simple as that:

Candidate in category "Sustainable Growth": ADRIREEF project

Candidate in category "Inclusive Growth": INNOCULTOUR project

Candidate in category "Urban Development": USEFALL & MOSES projects