30 Years of Interreg: the ETC supports the sustainable growth in Italy - 30 Years of Interreg: the ETC supports the sustainable growth in Italy


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30 Years of Interreg: the ETC supports the sustainable growth in Italy

Published on 01/07/2020 (last modified 02/07/2020)


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FPA S.r.l. organizer of the PA Forum: info@forumpa.it

As we all know, in 2020 Interreg celebrates 30th birthday, thus this year represents an occasion to celebrate the ETC achievements and to set more ambitious goals for the future.

Italy is participating in 19 Interreg operational programs, out of which 10 Programmes are represented by the Italian Management Authority. Number of  approved projects is 1059, involving 857 Italian partners and in total 2271 partners. Financial resources dedicated to the Interreg have supported growth and contributed tothe equality of the Italian regions, while strengthening the European dimensionand collaboration between territories for the development. 

European territorial cooperation is at the heart of the European spirit; encourages regions and states to face challenges working together for the development of the joint solutions that go beyond the borders.

Interreg will take part of the next Forum PA online event with the intervention of the Italian Agency for the Territorial Cohesion that will provide an insight, by the means of concrete examples of the achievements of the Interreg programmes for supporting the sustainable growth and innovation, starting from the local levels to the larger European scale. 
For the Interreg30 the EU Commission has identified 3 topics where the ETC provides the best examples and concrete actions for boosting the EU perspective in local policies:

  • We all have a neighbour
  • Green connections 
  • Youth 

For the Interreg30 dedicated session please register here:



In any case don't miss out the overall 5-days agenda is full of interesting content and high-level speakers covering different topics such as: communication, opendata, digital transformation and sustainable growth.

You can consult the complete agenda here: https://forumpa2020.eventifpa.it/it/ and register for the single sessions of your interest.