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3 Italy-Croatia projects winners of the Competition "L'Europa è qui"

Published on 12/02/2021 (last modified 23/03/2021)

PRIZEFISH, SOUNDSCAPE & INNOCULTOUR winners in Interreg category!

Today on 12th February 2021, starting at 15:30, was held the awards event of the "L'Europa è qui" (Europe is here) competition organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The novelty of the competition is that starting from this year opens to the to the beneficiaries of the Interreg Programmes and immediately Italy-Croatia projects are the winners in two categories:

1) Blue Growth - two ex aequo winners

PRIZEFISH: The video prepared by the LP - Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna - CIRSA, illustrates the collaboration in the fishing sector aimed at supporting the eco-innovation, sustainable fishing by the means of cross-border agreements between Italy and Croatia and to protect the maritime habitat at the same time.

SOUNDSCAPE: The video prepared by the Fondation Cetacea Onlus from Rimini (project partner and Communication responsible) illustrates how the mapping of underwater noise pollution in the upper Adriatic through the installation of sonde, allows to evaluate the impact of this phenomenon on underwater habitat and lansdcape. The ethical importance of listening and respecting the natural environment is conveyed by the artistic performance with striking and evocative images and a very refined sound.

2) Sustainable tourism

INNOCULTOUR: The presentation describes the contribution of the project to increase the visibility and accessibility of lesser known cultural and naturalistic sites located in the coastal territories of Italy and Croatia, through new forms of integration between the cultural heritage, the tourist offer and the creative industry. The local effects of the pilot actions are highlighted, also according to the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

This campaign involved the direct testimonies from the projects with aim to story tell the achievements in Emilia-Romagna thanks to European funds, from the starting idea to its development, and the positive impacts for the community and the territory.
The winners of the "L'Europa è qui" contest have been announced during the awards event and provided their firsthand testimony!

Please check out the videos and three ladies - project managers of the:

INNOCULTOUR (min. 51:03) - Mrs. Angela Nazzaruolo from LAG Delta 2000

PRIZEFISH (min. 1:05:00)- Mrs. Alessia Cariani from University of Bologna

SOUNDSCAPE (min. 1:06:40) - Mrs. Alice Pari from Foundation Cetacea Onlus Rimini

Video of the live streaming are available on the YouTube channel and on Facebook channel of the Emilia-Romagna Region, and soon will be able on the projects' pages