The first set of calls for the submission of the “Standard” projects is closed now.

In total 210 project proposals were submitted and will be progressed to the admissibility check aimed at verifying the administrative compliance with requirements set in the related Call for Proposals.

Only applications that fulfill all the admissibility criteria will be then processed to the next assessment phase – eligibility check. Programme aims to finalise the quality check and approve the final ranking lists in 2018.

In the meantime you can take a look at what the first call of the “Standard” call brought in terms of key figures and data.


The proposals were submitted on all four Priority Axes (PA). Hereinafter it is possible to check the share on total according to each PA, as well as the number of project proposals submitted according to each Specific Objective (SO).






In addition to the first numbers related to the Standard project proposals submitted, please find at the following link


In the upcoming months we will keep you informed about the steps of the assessment procedure.

Please keep following our website for the call related updates.