The Italy-Croatia CBC Programme Monitoring Committee (decision-making body), during the last meeting held in Venice (Italy) on the 19th – 20th July 2018, approved 50 “Standard” project proposals submitted in the framework of the 1st Set of Calls for proposals.


The amount of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) available by the 1st call, was integrated by the Monitoring Committee that decided to increase the amount allocated to the "Standard" projects with about 34,4 M euros. The resulting ERDF allocation of the Standard projects is thus more than 101M euros,  while with the national co-financing the selected partnerships can count on more than 120M euros of total eligible budget.


Overall 197 project proposals submitted in the framework of the call were assessed on the basis of the administrative compliance and in terms of strategic, operational and Priority Axis/ Specific Objective criteria (according to the FS5 Annexes - Tables of assessment criteria).


The final quality assessment has been completed and the results of the final selection are available on the following section RESULTS 1st CALL.  Applicants are invited to consult the files - Call for Standard projects: outcomes tables per each axis - which contains the final results of the evaluation for all proposals submitted in the call.


Next steps

The Lead Applicants will receive a communication from the MA on the outcomes of the call.

In the meantime, the MA and the JS will start the clearing conditions process with the approved projects and the LPs will be duly informed on timing and procedure to follow.