The logos and graphical elements  for the Standard projects are available on the section “Programme documents”.  Therefore partners may use it for purposes of visibility actions, by considering the rules given from the Project Brand Manual .

Each Standard Project is invited to download the Communication kit material provided:


Logos (in different versions)


Plaque, Billboard (only for small scale infrastructures)

Office models (word, excel, ppt)

Cover pages

Layouts for project meetings invitations


Specifically, we strongly recommend you to use the logo with the minimum size of 46 mm in width, to keep the distance to other logos that have to be placed only on the right side of the Interreg logo (as described in the Programme Brand Manual, at the paragraph 2.2 Logo size | p.8) and to respect the maximum height of these logos that should match the height of the composition of the European flag tog together with the European Union label.