The kick-off meeting of the PRIZEFISH IT-HR Standard Project "Piloting of eco-innovative fishery supply–chains to market added–value Adriatic fish products" will be held in Ravenna on 6th-7th March, at the premises of Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste – Square J.F. Kennedy 12.


PRIZEFISH has a total budget of 3.1 Mln€ with an ERDF contribution of 2.65 Mln€.


PRIZEFISH contributes to make more sustainable the Adriatic fisheries through an innovation process in the sea-food value-chain.


Key-actions of the PRIZEFISH innovation process are the development and the implementation of fisheries and industrial technologies to have eco-certified and added-value Adriatic seafood products. Eco-innovative PRIZEFISH seafood products will be attractive to consumers and markets more sensitive to environmental-friendly products. PRIZEFISH will also enhance cooperation with territorial public authorities (i.e. Counties, Regions and Development Agencies) that can play critical actions supporting socio-economic development of Adriatic fishery SMESs and rural coastal communities.


The PRIZEFISH «3-step» must is «Fishing less! Gaining more! Respecting the Adriatic Sea!».


Here you can find the Kick off Meeting Draft Agenda