The Kick-off meeting of the MoST project will be held in Padova, at the UniPD – DICEA Department (sala DONGHI, via F. Marzolo 9) on 14th March 2019.


The MoST - Monitoring Sea-water intrusion in coastal aquifers and Testing pilot projects for its mitigation - project was approved in the framework of the 1st Call for Standard projects and started on 1st January 2019.



Saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers is a worldwide problem caused, among other factors, by aquifer over exploitation related to human activities, such as water supply for human consumption and irrigation, land reclamation of low-lying farmlands, land climate changes which contribute to the reduction of groundwater natural recharge.



Both Italy and Croatia are significantly affected by saltwater intrusion in their coastal regions with serious consequences on agricultural activities and tourism that may become dramatic in a relatively short time due to climate change effects. In this framework, the main objective of MoST is the monitoring of the seawater intrusion in specific regions of the in northern Adriatic coasts of Italy and Croatia to assess its relevance, and suggest/test appropriate countermeasures. In addition, the project expects to improve the capacity in transnationally tackling saltwater contamination vulnerability and the preservation of strategic fresh water resources in coastal areas.


During the project kick off meeting, participants will discuss the main project goals, and elaborate on the planned project activities (case studies, meetings, workshops, etc.). The PMU and the PSC of the MoST project will be also appointed.


Here you acn find the Kick-off Meeting Agenda and the Map with logistic information