Due to the merge of Agency of Regional Development of Republic of Croatia and Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, employees of both Zadar and Dubrovnik Branch office will have new e-mail addresses and those e-mail addresses will be fully functional by the end of January 2019. Furthermore, Zadar branch office has been reallocated in Liburnska obala 6.


Zadar JS Branch Office

Hrvoje Grancarić                                 hrvoje.grancaric@mrrfeu.hr

Diana Gracin Petrović                          diana.gracinpetrovic@mrrfeu.hr


Dubrovnik JS Branch Office

Petra Laus                                          petra.laus@mrrfeu.hr


For several months BOs will be able to use both e-mail addresses (old and new one).

If in this transition period some IT problems may occur, please do not hesitate to contact via phone the BOs concerned.