With the aim to collect ideas and proposal finalized to link creative industry to cultural heritage, in the framework of  INNOCULTOUR project the 19th December LP DELTA2000 in cooperation with all partnership of project  opened the Joint Call Competition. It is a notice of competition for the collection of ideas finalized to connect the creative industry to the cultural heritage of museums involved in the INNOCULTOUR project.

Joint call competition aims to collect the best ideational proposal with reference to the following thematic areas:

a) ideas aimed at communicating small museums and the connection with the territory

b) better technologies to communicate with the museums visitors

c) identify common guidelines for partners and new ideas for connecting creative industries to cultural heritage

The overall financial allocation of Joint Call Competition is 10.000 Euro. The three best proposals selected will receive a remuneration from 2.000 to 5.000 €.

Subjects admitted to participation are  economic operators referred to in art. 3 letter p) of Italian Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments: natural or legal persons, public bodies, groupings of such persons or bodies, including any temporary association of companies, an entity without legal personality, including the European Group of Economic Interest (EEIG) established pursuant to Legislative Decree 23 July 1991, n. 240, which offers on the market the realization of works, the supply of products or the provision of services. For more info and details see the complete Joint call competition.

The participation at the Joint call competition is possible only online by using the web platform where are available the complete competition call, competition forms and informative documentation.

The deadline is the 8th February 2019 at 12.00


For further information LP DELTA 2000, ;