“Dissonance in XX century urban architecture - Ideas and proposals for the promotion of cultural and tourist itineraries”


The fourth Cross Border Project Meeting of ATRIUM PLUS - Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX Century in Urban Management  - will be held on 6th and 7th March at the premises of the Auditorium delle Culture Liceo “G. Salvemini” - Via Giuseppe Prezzolini, Bari.



The programme includes two events to test the new approaches to cultural itineraries and to disseminate the activity carried out by the project in the first year of activity.


The design of new cultural and educational itineraries to communicate dissonant, uncomfortable and controversial cultural heritage is the first challenge of this ATRIUM PLUS project. The design of these itineraries directly involving students that are, at the same time, the final users is the second challenge of the project.


On the 6th March the Forlì students of the IV year of the Liceo Classico Morgagni will test the cultural-tourist product designed by the students of the Liceo Salvemini of Bari. They will be accompanied by the students of Bari in a historical tour to discover the "dissonant" heritage of the city providing new keys that could be used to read and interpreter the heritage of their own cities.

400 students from Bari and Forlì hosted at the Auditorium delle Culture of the Liceo Salvemini will be also the main audience of the transnational dissemination event “Dissonance in XX century urban architecture - Ideas and proposals for the promotion of cultural and tourist itineraries” that will be organised on the 7th March (see the detailed agenda).


In the afternoons, during the Steering Committee the project partners will review the state of the art of the project, outlining the achievements reached over the first year of the project. Specific focus will be addressed on the implementation of the activity carried out in the framework of the WP3 for the “Establishment of the cultural – tourism itineraries”, as well as on all administrative, financial and communication achievements. The last project activities, mainly those related to the WP4 “Testing with pilot schools of the cultural-tourism itineraries” will be revised according also to the feedbacks of the study visit in Bari in order to plan coherently the last four study visits planned respectively in Zadar, Labin, Ferrara and Forlì .


Here you can download and consult the Agenda of the events