ADRIREEF Kick-off Meeting in Ravenna


The kick-off meeting of the ADRIREEF project (Innovative exploitation of Adriatic Reefs in order to strengthen blue economy) will be held in Ravenna on the 22nd and 23rd of January, at the premises of Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste, Piazza Kennedy, 12.

The meeting will be organized among the project partners in order to discuss the general topics of the project and to introduce the related activities.


In the Adriatic sea there is a large number of marine ecosystems and, in the Blue Innovation concept, the attractiveness of existing marine resources is relevant in order to promote economic development. The recognition of less known natural areas together with the implementation of artificial barriers (e.g. platforms, wrecks, posing of cementitious structures) can be a successful way to pursue Blue Growth. Natural or artificial reefs, are really attractive for the scientific community, but, furthermore, are places where it is possible to practice several activities (i.e. sport fishing, nautical tourism, diving, aquaculture, etc.).


ADRIREEF has the ambition to combine innovative actions with possible socio-economic impacts originated from activities such as aquaculture and tourism. To achieve these results, the ADRIREEF partnership (composed by local authorities, regional agencies for environmental preservation and for territorial development, private and public research centers balanced between the two Countries) has long term experience in developing EU projects and all partners are actively involved in the pursue of Blue Economy sectors.


Here you can find the Kick-off meeting agenda.