The first Set of Calls for proposals is about to be officially launched. Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat supported the Monitoring Committee in the preparation of the Application Package that is composed by:


- Call Announcement: document detailing the main specific elements of the first set for call for proposals

- Factsheets n. 1 to 5: supporting potential applicants in developing the proposal and applying for the Programme financing. Factsheets cover entire project cycle, from project generation to closure. While the first five Factsheets are part of the Application Package, the others will support the implementation of the approved projects and will be developed in the later stage

- Glossary: explaining different definitions and terms used in the documents

- Application Form off-line: giving evidence of the necessary contents information Lead Partner and Project Partners should gather in order to submit the project proposal

- Budget Tool: supporting Lead Partner and Project Partners in collecting the financial information for building a sound budget for the project proposal they intend to submit

- Annexes: a number of forms necessary for collecting specific Lead and Project Partners declarations having legal value



You can download the single Application Package documents as follows:

The complete Application Package is also available in zip file


Applicants are kindly acknowledged that until the opening of the 1st Call for proposals, the above mentioned documents shall be considered as "Draft" documents, provided for information only.


The following Factsheets and documents are as well under preparation and will be made available once finalized:

  • Factsheet nr. 6 "Project Implementation" (under preparation)
  • Factsheet nr. 7 "Project Closure" (under preparation)
  • Factsheet nr. 8 "Project Communication" (will be made available soon)


In addition to all the Programme Factsheets, the potential applicants are strongly advised to read carefully the Italy-Croatia CBC Cooperation Programme.