Applying for project funding is possible during specific periods when the “Calls for Proposals” are open. At the beginning of each call, the Programme will publish a Call Announcement which provides details of what can be funded including available budget and deadline for submission and information on the application and selection process.

Please find further details in relation to the Calls on the following sections:



This section provides the information for registration of the Lead Partners and for the use of SIU platform.



This section provides the Programme Factsheets, annexes and supporting documents.



The JS offers one single individual consultation per project idea which shall take place until the day before the launch of the Call for Proposals.



Once the call is being launched, the JS will provide here the follow-up in relation to specific contents and potential beneficiaries questions.



The Programme would like to foster the project ideas exchange and networking among the potential partners. For this purpose the users are able to promote their project idea aims, expected results, type of partners to be involved and whether the proposed organization would promote the project in the role of the Lead Partner for the upcoming call.



The Programme aims to encourage the organisations to provide their availability for being part of a project consortium according to their relevant technical skills, competences and experience. Thus in this section the potential beneficiaries are able to show their own “organisation expertise” i.e. the University/Department concerned.



This section provides the official list, signed by the MA director, of the results of the admissibility, eligibility and quality check of the "Standard" and "Standard+" proposals.





The first Set of Calls for Proposals was opened to all Programme Priority Axes and Specific Objectives.

Two different types of projects with different objectives, application procedures and financial allocation are open: "Standard" and "Standard+".


The first Set of Calls for Proposals supported the selected applications initially with EUR 78,2 Million of ERDF according to Regional Government Resolution n. 254 of 7 March 2017 (available Italian version), then increased to EUR 81, 7 Million of ERDF with Regional Government Resolution n. 2076 of 14 December 2017 (available Italian version) representing circa 43 % of the overall ERDF resources allocated to Programme Priority Axes 1, 2, 3, and 4.


The first Set of Calls for Proposals is organized according to a one-step procedure, thus the applicants are expected to submit a complete project proposal within the deadlines that are set by the Call Announcement for two different types of projects as follows:

  • "Standard+": from 27th March to 22nd May 2017  “Standard+” Submission DEADLINE has been postponed  
  • "Standard": from 21st April to 4th July 2017 "Standard" Submission DEADLINE has been postponed 

Project proposals are expected to be submitted by the Lead Partners in English language and only via web-based system SIU.




The Interreg V A Italy-Croatia CBC Programme shall offer support to applicants through its Joint Secretariat based in Venice and its Branch offices located in Croatia.

Specific requests for information can be addressed to the Joint Secretariat: