Italy-Croatia CBC Programme enables regional and local stakeholders from two countries to exchange knowledge and experiences, to develop and implement pilot actions, to test the feasibility of new policies, products and services and to support investments. The cooperative networks were strengthened by joint projects financed under the IPA Adriatic CBC, SEE and MED Programmes 2007-2013 and provide a solid base for the years ahead.
The Programme is mainly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with around MEUR 201. 

The Italy-Croatia cooperation area shows a distinct blue and green pattern, featuring the sea basin, coastal landscapes, green but also urban areas. The location of the Adriatic Sea in the very centre of the territory – although shared with other Countries – on one hand, requires more efforts to accomplish collaboration aims related with the cross-border integration of economic, educational and labour markets. On the other, it is a joint economic and environmental asset, and a natural platform for cooperation building on long-dating trade exchange contacts reflected in some common traits of cultural heritage.
The whole Programme area, which  comprises parts of the territory of Italy and Croatia, spreads over 85.562 km2 and, according to the last census (2011),  its population is 12.465.861 inhabitants. . In total, the cross-border cooperation area is made up of 33 statistical NUTS III territories (25 provinces in Italy and 8 counties in Croatia).
The Italy-Croatia CBC Programme’s overall objective is to increase the prosperity and the blue growth potential of the area by stimulating cross-border partnerships able to achieve tangible changes. The central location of the sea basin (affecting the transportation patterns and socioeconomic processes in the Programme area), the maritime character of historical trade relations, the joint asset of natural areas and cultural heritage, offering a unique competitive advantage, the shared importance of economy branches exploiting the rich natural sea-based resources are illustrative fields point at an essential role of the blue and green economy for the sustainable regional growth in the cooperation area.
Within each of the four Priority Axes  (Blue Innovation, Safety and Resilience, Environment and Cultural Heritage, Maritime Transport), specific joint cross-border actions will be  supported and various outputs will be obtained.




Cooperating beyond ITALY-CROATIA maritime border aims at increasing the prosperity and the blue growth potential of the area by stimulating cross-border partnerships able to achieve tangible changes. Here find the main numbers and data about the Programme.



This section includes the Italian provinces and the Croatian counties that have been included in the Programme.



The main key assets are related to the maritime dimension of the Programme due to the central location of the Adriatic Sea.



The Programme has set out indicators and corresponding targets expressed in quantitative terms in order to assess progress in Programme implementation aimed at the achievement of objectives.